We (Archangel Inc. and Andy’s Custom Guns) gave a REACT (Rapid engagement and Close-Quarter Tactics) class to the United States Army  Special Forces.  It was a 16 man class, to learn this technique each student averaged 600 rounds per day for 5 days.  This is 48,000 rounds for the class, we used Brass Magnets to pick up the brass, about 10 to 12 min. per day, versus 35 to 40 min. to do it by hand, this is a man hours saving of 8 man hours per day 40 man hours per class.  Even at a man hour cost of 25 dollars per hour that is a savings of 1000 dollars per class.  Another benefit is you save 99% of the once fired brass, an easy sale to re-loaders for 5 to 8 cents per round, at 5 cents that is a savings of 2400 dollars.  We have used the same 6 Brass Magnets to teach dozens of classes in the past 3 plus years, on all types of surfaces, from blacktop to tall grass and brush, snow, gravel and loose sand.  No damage, and they are very easy to clean just lay them out on the driveway and hose them off.


“Having trained, or worked with, elite military and law enforcement units throughout America and the world for years, I understand that there is nothing more precious than training time.  Every minute counts.  At the end of a long day on the range, far too much time is wasted policing up brass; playing janitor rather than preparing for battle.  The Brass Magnet® is the answer to this loss of the most valuable resource of our warriors:  time.  Not only will this ingenious piece of kit virtually eliminate the loss of precious training time, but I have kept a series of them outside on my  private shooting range in the Rocky Mountains for several years, with no deterioration or loss of function or strength.  Just imagine what everyone in our arms professions could accomplish with that one extra hour spent shooting on the range every training day!”John Giduck, MS, JDSenior Consultant, Archangel Anti-Terror GroupAuthor, Terror At Beslan: A Russian Tragedy With Lessons For America’s Schools 


The Brass Magnet is one of those products that you look at and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

It’s an invention of Andy Anderson, a retired SF Sergeant Major, that is a mesh net to be spread out on the range for cartridge cases to land on. At the end of the shooting session, the net is gathered up by the corners and the brass collects into a pile that allows it to be emptied into a bucket.

I first saw one in use at one of Andy’s shooting classes. We students spread several of them out all over the range and then proceeded to shoot all day long – some ten thousand rounds or so. Came the end of the day, we picked the Brass Magnets up, shook out the snow and mud, and dumped the brass. Total time to police the range: about ten minutes.

The Brass Magnet impressed me so much that I immediately bought two of them: one for me and one for my son. We’ve used them for several years now: they’re well made and we’ve never had any problems with them and I suspect that I will give mine to my grandson when I get so old I cannot shoot any more.

And it will pay for itself in just a few range sessions: the time saved in picking up the brass — no more wandering around the firing line bending over looking for cases that have cleverly hidden themselves in the grass and gravel, along with the fact that it collects them much more effectively than by doing it by hand: my “lost case” percentage has gone from ten percent to less than one —- which a very nice thing with the increasing cost of ammo.

I cannot recommend one highly enough. The Brass Magnet has become an essential part of my range gear, just as much as a shooting bag or a stapler. I can’t imagine going shooting without it.

Denver, CO


Dear Andy,Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we like your Brass Magnet.  We do all our test firing in a sand pit and you can imagine how dirty the brass we can find gets.  With your brass magnet not only is it a breeze to retrieve all our brass but it’s nice and clean.  In the winter we no longer have to pick them out of the snow.Thanks for the Great idea!GaryGary H. SmithSales ManagerCaspian Arms Ltd.(802)472-6454gary@caspianarms.com


To Whom it my concern,This letter is addressed to all shooters out there.  If you shoot, you need 2 things, a timer and a Brass Magnet.  One will keep you honest, the second will extend your practice session.  Why spend 30 minutes picking up brass when you can do it in minutes?Randy (CO) 

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