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John “Andy” Anderson invented the Brass Magnet to stop wasting time picking up brass from all types of surfaces.  It is a weighted 8.5 by 12 foot net that you can walk on.  They are velcroed so you can hook them together, I have used the same 8 to teach classes for 3 plus years, The man hours saved every  time you use them, plus the brass not lost or left on the ground will pay for a Brass Magnet.  John Anderson spent 25 years in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets), retiring at the rank of Sergeant Major. 


The BRASS MAGNET™ is a 100″x144″ ventile cloth, lightweight only 6 pounds and comes with its very own, easy to store and carry “stuff bag.”

Six weighted handles and Velcro tabs give you an easy 75%-85% reduction in time conquering clean up with a few bends vs. a few hundred.

Tested on the range using over 1,000,000 rounds from a .22 up to a .50 cal.  the BRASS MAGNET™ dominated.  It takes the heat so you don’t have to.  

No longer lose your brass in the weeds; the BRASS MAGNET™ can spread out over snow, mud, grass, gravel and more.

Patented and made in the USA.


Anyone participating in the shooting disciplines where you are required or desire to collect your brass and hulls for reloading, recycling or resale should have a Brass Magnet. 


Save your time and money, recycle your brass, and save your back! 


Brass Magnet

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The BRASS MAGNET® is a 100″x144″ nylon mesh brass collection net, lightweight only 6 pounds and comes with its very own, easy to store and carry “stuff bag.”  

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